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The Aurangabad Commissionerate office is situated at Town Centre, N-5 CIDCO, Aurangabad. The Aurangabad Commissionerate was carved out of the jurisdiction of Pune Commissionerate in 1983, but started actual functioning in 1984, has evolved and metamorphosed over the time. The Commissionerate had total Central Excise Revenue of Rs.180 crores in 1983-84. Now the during the year 2016-17 Central Excise Revenue is Rs.1106.52 crores, Customs Revenue is Rs.281.21 crores and Service Tax Revenue of Rs.1088.69 crores.

The Aurangabad Commisssionerate originally had jurisdiction over Aurangabad, Ahmadnagar, Jalna, Nanded, Beed, Hingoli, Parbhani, Lathur, Osmanabad, Solapur, Nashik, Dhule and Jalgaon Districts of Maharashtra. Further, Solapur district was separated and included in Pune-III Commissionerate in 1996, Nashik Commissionerate was formed by separating Nashik, Dhule, Jalgaon and Nandurbar Districts in 2002.

As a result of re-organisation of jurisdiction of Aurangabad Commissionerate in restructuring of CBEC implemented w.e.f. 15th October 2014, Aurangabad-IV Division was created which comprised of Jalna-I, Jalna-II, Paithan-I, Paithan-II and Chikalthana Ranges. And also, Ahmednagar became part of Nashik Commissionerate.

Due to roll out of Goods and Services Tax from 1st July 2017 the jurisdiction of Aurangabad Commissionerate has been reorganised into Aurangabad Urban Division, Aurangabad Rural Division, Jalna Division and Nanded Division.

Since 1983, Aurangabad Commissionerate has been headed by the following Commissioners :
Sr. No. Name From Date To Date
1. Shri. S. N. Karkhanis 19-05-1983 29-12-1985
2. Shri. S. D. Mohile (Additional Charge) 29-12-1985 14-05-1986
3. Shri. S. R. Narayanan 14-05-1986 06-07-1988
4. Shri. Someshwar 06-07-1988 05-04-1990
5. Shri. R. G. Raju 05-04-1990 05-09-1993
6. Shri. S. S. Sekhon 06-09-1993 08-01-1995
7. Shri. J. H. Joglekar 09-01-1995 21-02-1996
8. Shri. P. N. Malhotra (Additional Charge) 22-02-1996 10-07-1996
9. Shri. B. R. Mehra 11-07-1996 27-07-1997
10. Shri. A. S. Sidhu 28-07-1997 28-05-2001
11. Ms. Parveen Talha 28-05-2001 31-10-2002
12. Shri. D. S. Negi 13-11-2002 24-06-2005
13. Shri. Harjinder Singh (Additional Charge) 24-06-2005 05-10-2005
14. Mrs. Janaki Arunkumar 05-10-2005 13-06-2008
15. Shri. Arun Sahu 23-06-2008 16-04-2010
16. Shri. I. P. Lal (Additional Charge) 16-04-2010 24-05-2010
17. Shri. M.M. Damodhar 24-05-2010 05-05-2011
18. Shri. S. Ramesh (Additional Charge) 05-05-2011 26-06-2012
19. Shri. Kumar Santosh 27-06-2012 04-09-2015
20. Shri. C. L. Mahar 09-09-2015 30-06-2017
21. Shri. Shrikant Patil (Additional Charge) 01-07-2017 28-10-2018
22. Shri. K. V. S. Singh 29-10-2018 04-11-2020
23. Shri. Avinash Thete 04-11-2020 08-08-2021
24. Shri. Manoj Kumar Rajak 09-08-2021 Till Date
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